Around 1967, Paul Hess and his students used to set long lines to catch small sharks for teaching and research purposes at the DBMSC. One day at high tide just before noon, we went to collect our catches and were surprised to have caught one shark larger than six foot. We decided to tow the shark, which was still alive, to the beach near the Fishplant, closest we could get to the lab. But when we were close to our destination, we heard the lunch bell ring, and decided to tie the shark to an offshore pole till we would have finished lunch.

Somehow, I forgot about this and was surprised later that afternoon to hear of the adventures of an elementary school class which had ventured onto the sandflat and found a large dead shark tied to a pole. They had taken photographs of a boy sticking his head into the sharks wide open mouth, and one student even had managed to pull out one of the shark's many teeth. They were still pretty excited when they left later that afternoon.

At dinner time, I told this story to Paul, who turned red and said he had all forgotten about that shark. So we got into our Boston Whaler and drove out to the pole, where we found "our" shark groggily swimming around again . . .

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