Ben Oostdam story # 19

Two examples of Serendipity (?) or Coincidences
c.q. "Kleine Oorzaken hebben Grote Gevolgen"

Part 1: Clarence Tarzwell

In the summer of 1973, I was busy in Lewes, DE directing the Consortium's summer program from my small office in the 12x60 trailer which we pulled from Millersville to the shore every summer.
One day I stepped out just when an elderly gentleman stopped his car on the service road that led past the Fish Plant to the University of Delaware's building.
Remember, we had just lost our surplus Coast Guard Station next to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry dock to the University of Delaware, but still kept the name : "Delaware Bay Marine Science Center" for the three Fish Plant buildings we leased.

The gentleman asked me if this was the University of Delaware Marine Station, but I told him that they were further down the road. What then was this operation?

Delaware Bay
Marine Science
I invited him to stop on his way back from UDEL so I could give him a tour and explanation. He was back within 30 minutes and not only spent two hours with me going through our station, but later also visited our fledgling Wallops Island Marine Science Center.

For this was Dr. Clarence Tarzwell, formerly a big shot in the Water Pollution Control Federation, and one of the earliest scientists studying the effect of trace elements on fish (that report dated back to 1932, the year I was born...). With the take-over of the new Environmental Protection Agency, the old folks were moved up and out: his boss was 40, and the boss of his boss was 29 years old. He had been assigned the job of visiting all U.S. Marine Laboratories.
We had a very pleasant conversation, and sometime later I received this kind letter from him.

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