a very quiet evening

Last night around 7 pm, Mercia called me to say she would be late because she had to buy Parker some pyamas for his pending Pyama Party.

No problem, I had had a late breakfast after fixing the garage roof in Rohrerstown with Harry, so I did not feel like cooking a whole meal.
Besides, it was a lovely evening and I wanted to sit outside and just "snack".

So I collected the objects of my appetite: a chunk of spicy Dutch cheese, a jar with anchovis - stuffed olives, a plate of unpeeled peanuts which I first heated up in the microwave, a can of Octopus by Goya, a cup of hot bouillon, and my mix of 3 pressed oranges, an apple, a banana, 5 small carrots, half a can of (Goya) coconut milk, one spoonful each of honey, peanutbutter, and Bangkok and Padang Sauce plus a few drops of juiced hot pepper.

I carried it all to the outdoor table and ate it very slowly, savoring every bit and combination. In the meantime, I watched the quiet garden with a nibbling rabbit, some squirrels chasing each other and some twittering small birds scared off by a bright red cardinal. The sun was slowly setting, and the only disturbance was caused by a swarm of weather forecasting no-see-ums of which indubitably a few ended up not only in my eyes, ears and neck but also in my stomach. So what?!
Probably the nicest was this island in time of quietude sandwiched in a sea of recent events still to be recorded in my journal (does "diary" sound too sissy?) , including yesterday's malfunction of telephone and internet on account of a fallen tree ...putting us back in an earlier epoch when people did not have these amenities; Steve fixing up the garage apartment for Erika who is now in Argentina to get her nose fixed; a marvelous two-hour "American Idol" show with some 200 million viewers and the wrong (for us) winner based on 63 million votes; the news that Erika's divorce papers (of which Greg received a copy last week) had been erroneously mailed to a former boyfriend since turned rambunctious and suing and threatening her and Steve; mowing acres of fast growing grass and seeding bare spots; fixing the garage roof in Rohrerstown and, this evening, Bush and Blair on TV and an American Idol type look-alike about dancing. Enough, back to work or to bed, whatever is more suitable at this time (05:30 am)!
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