Ben Oostdam story # 22


While loading the R.V. "ASMAK" in Kuwait Harbor more than a decade before Saddam Hussein's incursion, I carefully carried two graduated 1,000 cc cylinders filled with sulphuric acid to use in the shipboard lab. I was talking to the two Palestinian technicians when all of a sudden they saw me disappear and then, in the wink of an eye, materialize again . . .

Apparently, the mooring hawser hit me in the back of my knee, or I hit the hawser moving back slightly, but as I hinged down I not only saw the water beneath me, but also the mussels attached to the dockside.
At all times, I kept the cylinders upright so I did not spill a drop, but I also pondered about how utterly stupid I was to carry open HAZMAT cylinders !!

Anyhow, the guys were as astonished as I was when I re-appeared and finished my sentence.

(Personally, I would not care to repeat this performance as little as that of an earlier miracle when I picked a fly out of the sky with my chopsticks as a demo for my charming companion who asked where I had learned to eat with them)

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