On Valentine Day of the year 2000,
we had bought a heart-shaped balloon
for my grand-daughter

She was sitting on the sofa with the balloon in her hand, making it go up and down, when suddenly it got away and followed the expected fate of an escaping freshly Helium-filled balloon:
. . . . flying up to the ceiling.
Instantly, she jumped down the sofa and looked under it, recalling that objects usually fall down.
Her astonished look when she failed to find the balloon down there was priceless!
This story has another tail: I suddenly grasped the ethymology
of the Dutch verb "opvallen" (Literally, "to fall up"):
of course, if you anticipate that gravity makes things fall down,
then one would be surprised at the behavior of items lighter-than-air.
So perchance the best translation of "het viel mij op" would be:
"it caught me at tension" rather than "it caught my attention" . . .
(NOTE: needs caricature of guy's arm being pulled up or out by rising balloon)

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