Ben Oostdam story # 638


this morning's starting dialogue: You should take your camera. Why? It is unbeleavable...
(unbelievable)... What? Just look out of the back door...the leaves !!...
I had to run to write down dream between 0620 and 0830:

in the Navy, in submarine service. I had been insulted and was to receive a (food) present to assuage me. When it arrived it looked delicious, some type of pork rack with a red sauce. But my mates persuaded me to refuse accepting it and to insist on something even better.

I had to take the dish down below and to do so had to go into some type of mini sub with passenger accommodation, had to sit next to one woman I on windowside till other woman insisted it was her seat upon which we squeezed in all three while I was manoeuvring holding the uncovered dish.
I made some remark which I now forgot but which was both biblical and non- PC ... guess what it could be ... cannot remember right now.

Then all of a sudden down in the mess, for men only. Some extremely tall bearded rough guys. One of them was my buddy and instigator of this farce and he had to stand up to light the cigar of a giant superior officer, with the most revolting and ugly head you have ever seen. That guy stood out a full head above my buddy who had to kowtow to him and they seemed to have put together an act much like that of a trained bear. The superior would yawn and make his lips move wider and wider apart exposing an upper jaw full of blemishes and holes and rotten brown and black tooth-and-molar stumps, while grinning and blowing air down to my buddy whose own handsome haha head receded in feigned or real disgust.

By that time I woke up and saw Mercia walking to the bathroom and coming back a few minutes later with the comment about leaves which I wrote down even quicker and firster so as not to forget that either. Now have to race to bathroom myself before another disaster strikes ... But what the heck was I going to ask for in my interrupted dream aka somnus interruptus? Would I settle for fillet mignon with eggs and caviar or what? And what did i say to the woman next to me? And how did former Admiral Sestak feature or vote in all of this, what with the recent news article about US Navy having determined which submarines were going to carry the first female saylors for that service? 09:45 - got back from taking series of photographs incl. leaves and trench q.v. to find breakfast and TV - Decided to copy the dream story more or less as is.. I do not want to be like yesterday's composer, a perfectionist, who wrote one score a day, first in the morning, then put it under a glass plate so he could only look at it and not make any corrections till he was all ready.... then the same story repeated.
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