I woke up at 08:30, having spent a few sleepless hours on the computer after midnight. It was raining rather hard, but there was none of the predicted wet snow which had made Mercia decide to stay in Harrisburg last night. So I was strictly on my own, almost luxurious after two mornings of getting Lexa and Parker up, dressed and ready for school.

I first read a chapter in "High Albion", a wondrous book of by an elderly Victorian lady, then turned on the bath. But halfway through, I turned it off again and decided to treat myself to a good breakfast. No need to go out, I had all the ingredients right herein my rainswept fortress.

While gently frying three strips of bacon, I cut two rolls in half to be toasted and wiped off four large mushrooms before cutting their gills. Half of the bacon was left juicy and to drip on a folded paper towel, the other continued to perfect crisp. After wiping the frying pan, I melted some baking butter and installed the four mushrooms flat cut side down. In a short while, I broke two eggs around the mushrooms and left the lot cooking gently while preparing a cup of coffee. I boiled hot water, put in a cup a half a spoon of Maxwell freeze-dried and another half of Viennese, first mixed in a little milk and sugar then slowly stirred in the boiling water. I then turned over the omelet (?) and cut it in four to be put onto the hot toasted half rolls., something is missing: a small tray of blue berries!

While seeing the raindrops running down the window and hazily behind them the squirrels down the trees, I decided I liked this Dutch weather for once and enjoyed this setting and atmosphere to accompany this fine breakfast. Forgot to mention that I flavored the lot with some black pepper, nutmeg and a sprinkling of Tabasco sauce, and that the mushrooms had only been heated just enough to a "a la dente" constitution.

Life is good. So let me go on and put on the bath water again. Just for today, I'll skip the 11:00 Blooker time traditional hot chocolade. And to my surprise, I completely forgot to take pictures of this morning's adventure, that's why I was forced to use so many words . . .
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