Ben Oostdam story # 440


When you travel or google a lot you come across some interesting differences in terminology.

For example, in South Africa it is common usage to say that "you went swimming in a dam."
To a Dutchman that sounds strange, and he would correct it asking if it was meant to be
swimming in the reservoir behind the dam . . . .
(or is it in front of the dam....same dam problem about whether one is sitting in front of or behind a computer ??..)
. . . . thanks, in front of the dam sounds more logical when moving along with the river
and looking downstream...
(I did write earlier about exceptions .)

A few days ago, I googled my own name and came across the following results:

please click to enlarge

Apparently some Aussies have a similar "hangup" and some times talk about the level of the dam
instead of specifying the level of the reservoir related to the dam. Enuf already !

really??? what about this - heavenly female viewers??? a n d this a n d this:

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