Ben Oostdam story # 201

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On the occasion of completing my 200th story (!) I decided to have
a look at the Web statistics that inexorably pile up on my website
managed by my own fine Web service provider, A-Plus.

For the sake of comparison, I selected selected (sic) statistics for the months
of September 2002 - the first available September after I started this
websitein late 2001 - and September 2,006, the last available full month.

  • The above table shows about a four-fold increase (last column) in hits, files,
    pages, visits and kilobytes for the four-year period 2002-2004.

  • The ratio of maximum to average number of hits is 3.6, more than for the
    other measured items; in fact, the ratio is below 1 for both visits and
    kilobytes per day.

    Some of this comparative information I plotted as simple graphs below:
    (do not forget to click on each graph!)

  • Total number of:
    Hits, Files,
    Pages, Visits

    Red=2002 - Green=2006

    Total Number of Unique:
    Sites, URLS,
    Referrers, User Agents

    Red=2002 - Green=2006

    Total Number per Day of:
    Hits, Files,

    Red=2002 - Green=2006


  • The main users of this site are from the USA,
    which has been subdivided in several categories.

  • Of these U.S. categories, "Network" appeared to have grown
    faster than "Commercial", and "Education" joined the top 10
    in - or before - 2006.

  • After or below the USA, the three countries of The
    Netherlands, Canada and Belgium retained their same
    relative positions, except that in 2002 Rwanda
    "intervened" between Canada and Belgium
    (strange coincidence, ref General Dallaire)

  • The number of countries represented rose from
    a mere 48 in 2002 to 90 in 2006


    by URLs, 2002

    by URLs, 2006

  • This is probably the most useful comparison.

  • In 2002, 3SK, Rwanda, Holland by train and Sludge pages were most favored,
    in 2005 the stories and Rwanda/Murambi were on top, and interest in Sludge dwindled.

  • Note that the urls listed above can NOT be used as direct links;
    if you are interested, however, you can click and obtain the Complete Usage Statistics
    for for the months of September, 2002 and September, 2006.
    Some scrolling down will then take you to the original table in which the urls
    very conveniently work directly as links! That will enable you to use your own
    judgment and see why some pages seem to be more popular than others.

  • Supposedly, all of the statistical information since 2001 could be accessed on my
    website if I were to give you the required URL, but I will refrain from doing so now.
  • Instead, feel free to have a look at my earlier attempt at summarization,
    in story # 75.

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