Ben Oostdam story # 165


This is a copy of an E-mail sent by one tenant (upstairs)
to another - who has just moved back in (but now downstairs).
Names of people have been omitted or simplified.
Animal names have been changed as follows:
(upstairs): Ebenezer the cat and
Samarus the (unauthorized) bird
(downstairs): Bozo the dog.


1.  I was wondering why you haven't been parking in your parking spot - birds or sap or both?  I am currently paying the neighbor to park over in his area until the bird situation on the little house 'may' get fixed...but also, were you planning to park where the trailer just got moved from - permanently?  The one morning after I just spent some bucks washing up my car - I ended up with sap, bird dirt & rust spots (when it poured & dried) from the little house there.  I was so frustrated that I went to the neighbor to see if I could pay to park there for a month or two.  I wish there was a more suitable area there to park.  Unless we would park side by side where you've been parking there at E. St. - but then we'd block that area completely....not sure what is a good solution.  Normally, my guests parked at that end in front of the garages before.  But now at least the one is rented - not sure on the other one...your thought? 
I was wondering because I had asked the Landlord if we could move the trailer from that end since it was a squeeze between my car & the trailer - (my car got scraped once before from people trying to go between) & then you started parking there right after it was moved.  Trust me - I understand on the birds & the sap - I sure can't afford having to pay to wash the car everyday - that stuff is tough on the paint.
2.  Possibility? Would you please be a little more conscious of the fact that every time you open or close a door in or out of the house (inside doors as well), I hear it fairly loudly.  It shakes my floors & scares the cat, as well as I hear it more than necessary, I think, at least compared to the past residents.  Would appreciate it.  Maybe something between the wood to wood would help, not sure...old house with plaster - all the noise bounces off the walls pretty good.  The last two apartment dwellers didn't use that door by my bedroom/your living room...but only used the one at the long hallway - maybe something would work between the doors to make it quieter, don't know or maybe you just don't realize how loud it actually does sound, either.
3.  If possible, could you please not burn the scented candles/incense (whatever it is) directly beneath my bedroom (assuming it may be on the mantle/living room - which had been a problem in the past) because I've had two migraines now from the scent - which is very strong upstairs (it's actually as if I was burning something in my own room).  I'm sorry - strong smells like that can set off migraines...I was checking to see if it was really that before I said anything - but it now I am pretty sure that it seems to be directly tied to those occurrences when I came home and it was very strong smelling in my bedroom.  Guess there's not much between the floors - so sorry for the structural close proximity/or whatever problem...I know before when there was a problem - it was because it was on the mantle for some reason - maybe another spot wouldn't carry upstairs so much...don't know.  Can try some other options/areas, perhaps?
4.  Also, I didn't know if you have a fan in the kitchen or not - or could open a window when cooking - but two times now - I noticed that my whole upstairs smelled like strong garlic/spices - not sure what it was - but it seemed to be a strong cooking type smell - & half my apt. & my clothes ended up smelling like it all night.  I sprayed some neutralizer - but not soon enough, had to re-wash all the clothes.  If you don't have a fan or can't open a window - I understand - just wanted to mention it, if it could be helped at all.
5.  I notice that Bozo is bothered by the church bells across the street.  Poor guy - it must hurt him quite a bit.  Anyway - yesterday - Sunday - they played a whole song & the poor guy was really making some 'in pain' noise the whole time...I am thinking that he may make the noise to drown out what is hurting him, don't know.  I'm not sure if they do that every Sunday or not - not that it bothered me - just that I wanted to pass on that he really reacted to it - so you know (I don't believe you were home at the time).  Don't know if they do that at the same time or not or every Sunday or not.  Never thought about it now, til I heard him 'yeowling'.
6.  I would like to try a 'vacuum test' maybe this Saturday to see if that noise will bother him.  If it does bother him - I can arrange to vacuum when Bozo is outside or off with you somewhere else.  If you are around in the morning after 9 am, let me know so I can try it & you can let me know if you want me to vacuum when he's outside or not around.  I might not hear him over the vacuum - the dang thing is a bit loud & I am not sure if that particular pitch will bother him or not.
7.  Is there anything that I am doing that is a problem with you & yours now that you've been living here for a little while?  I will adjust whatever I can.  I am trying to settle Samarus down - he has some terrible screeches that I am trying to break him of - sorry for that.  I have been unsuccessful so far - when I was in between apartments - he stayed at some friends and he picked up some hawk sounds & he particularly does it when I get near the door to leave at this apartment for some reason. Also, the one night I probably made more noise than usual because I was doing the L. Memorial Day yard sale the next morning - sorry if you heard any of that.  And I am trying to settle down my work hours - since I've been working til 9 or 9:30 at night lately - I've been putting out the trash a little late & you may have heard that - sorry - shouldn't continue now beginning now this week.  I am hoping to get home earlier again to get that out on Monday nights.  I know that Ebenezer (cat) sometimes gets running around upstairs - hope that has not been too loud.  (He's not a little cat..)
Just let me know of anything I am doing that is a problem from the upstairs end.  It's a bit tough with the structure of this old house not to hear some between the floors, but I want to be considerate of you & Bozo living beneath me.  I haven't had my main TV on in the front room near E.. St., since you've been there so you might want to let me know if you/Bozo are hearing that at any time, so I can turn it down if necessary. 
I will not normally write you a 'book' like this - just hasn't been a good time to catch you & don't want to bother you - so it's just easier to write here now to check on these things, now that you've been back at the house for a little while.
One more question - I know that I used to get biking catalogs in your name after you moved - does that mean that you might know how to adjust my one set of brakes on my old bike - I could pay you for that if you could help me with it...just asking - the last time M.'s charged me almost $90. for a tune-up!  Figured no harm in asking - in case it's not a big deal & you know pressure though!
Ok, well, back to work - catch you later.
................(name of sender)
I don't have my Comcast hooked up at home - so I won't respond to any mail til daytime hours right now.  My upstairs is all cluttered up with stuff from storage (from an entire 2 story house that I lived in before) that I am slowly working on clearing it all out - it's a mess - especially in the office area.  Been working 55-65+ hours for way too long & it's been taking me forever to get back to doing stuff at the house! 
Oh yes, are you using anything wireless for your computer?  I noticed a cell phone problem & they said it could possibly be related to some sort of wireless computer hook-up - it certainly may not be, too - but my ear piece & cell will not sync now for some reason & it never did that before in three years time.  They suggested a possible interference with other wireless stuff - I have no idea!  It could just be weird timing, but they told me to find out, since I mentioned a new renter being a change at the house, thanks.
On the weekend of 6/23 I may have some friends check in on Ebenezer & Samarus maybe on that Saturday - so in case you would happen to notice that - they do have my key for that, thanks.  Also...just offering - if you are ever stuck without someone/or boarding & would like me to look after Bozo if you have to go away without him - I could do that for you if I am around, just let me know. (worked for a vet for 12 years - so I've done this for plenty of former clients).  I am sure you have that taken care of - just offering since I am right there - would be no problem. 
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