20110815evening 35DinnerDone.jpg Ben Oostdam
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On short notice - since Ben Jr got stuck in traffic and Mercia had to go get Barend from daycamp - I combined Shurfine's Grape Tomatoes with Geisha's Baby Clams caught wild in Indonesia with Lipton's Cup of Chicken Soup and Nabisco's Wheat Thins with Brie from Normandie and Crystalized Ginger from Gramma and salty licorice from Holland 20110815b-4MerciaandErikawatchingSantobeerpicturewithSantosipse.jpg My eyes are bloodshot since I had just swam a measly 48 laps or 2/3 mile - like nothing compared to the 100 laps of last Thursday before my birthday - at the Millersville University's Pucillo Pool where my buddie Eric told me I would have been 80 years old in China...too bad I am so much less revered here except by my reverend dog Santos ...
20110815evening55YESSIR.jpg Some anachronism was almost unavoidable - above photograph shows Mercia and Erika laughing at the pictures of Santos on either side of this block:
I marked these as follows:

The beer for the
Discriminating Dog !

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