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SA Sketches 1857/67

William Westphal's:
"Ten Years In South Africa"
with the "German Legion".
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A fascinating book dealing with the German Legion: (not to be confused with the Kings German Legion)
In 1856, during the Crimean War, the British Government authorized General von Stutterheim to recruit 10,000 German youths to be sent to fight the Russians. They were first shipped to Helgoland - then a British possession in the Baltic Sea north of Germany - and next to England for training. The war ended before they could be shipped, so they remained in England till their next task was to settle in South Africa and quell the native uprisings, arriving in Capetown in 1857.
The next decade was spent in the Eastern Cape near King Williams Town, where numerous small settlements were established and given German names. William Westphal also traveled extensively to trade with the Boers, was an ardent hunter and outdoorsman, and a good author. He also took part in an expedition to India and after his brief return to his home in Prussia emigrated to America. His book was published in 1892 and is now available through Google, from which the above sketches were copied with due acknowledgments. A good read! I especially appreciated it because it explained some more of the questions I gathered while driving from King Williams Town - named after William IV, the Sailor King, to Alice last December