Below is a sketch I made from memory of the fabulous little WWII Emergency Stove ("Noodkacheltje") which we used in Amsterdam during the severe winter of 1944/5.
This small device, less than a foot high, was home - fabricated using a soldering iron and two used cans. It was put on top of a "normal" stove so as to provide maximum draft through the existing chimney.

Emergency Stove
- (please click to enlarge)

On a WWW search in 2003, I also copied this discussion about the Emergency Stove or "Noodkacheltje", which is in Dutch and mainly deals with the ethymology of the various alternative names:
nood kacheltje, majo kacheltje, Scheven kachel, Russian stoof, Sovjet stoof.
Once again, I invite anyone who has a photograph, sketch, information or story about this to comment below:

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