In March, 1960, I was
invited to Woods Hole
for interviews with the
Director and my Sponsor
about my 1960
Summer Fellowship
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I spent most of May and June at WHOI
doing sed.analyses with Dr. John Zeigler,
drilling on Cape Cod, building current crosses and sampling Buzzard Bay sediments; also going to seminars, digging clams, beach-partying and driving around
Next we decided that I was to go to Helsinki on "CHAIN Cruise 13"
and then to Holland to make
arrangements on behalf of John Zeigler
and David Owen with Rijkswaterstaat for UW photography near one of their buoys
In Helsinki, I showed Dr.Pettijohn around on the "Chain", (he was attending the XIIth IGGY Conference), then flew via Copenhagen to Schiphol. My parents hosted John, his wife and 4 children while Dave Owen was a guest of my aunt Tine. But that's another story ..
We worked with Onderwater Jagers, the Dutch Navy and Waterstaat to dive near their Katwijk recording wave buoy. We also met Dr. Terwindt well-known for his estuarine studies.
In early September, I flew KLM to Paris, then MATS to the USA, sitting next to Dr. Erickson of Lamont. It was only a few months later at Scripps that I learned about his fame for using the coiling direction of Globorotalia to determine global climate changes!
Back at WHOI, they got a kick out of my simpleton expense account of 75 cents for lunch in Copenhagen ..... I bargained them down to $ 12 per diem for some 30 days .., and that allowed me to buy a second hand jeep ...
Ben Oostdam story # 545

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1960

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...in order to go back to Montreal, pick up a girlfriend and drive diagonally across the USA to start my Sverdrup Fellowship at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla!