Serendipity, Part 4:

In early January, 1986, I had the urge to get away, probably inspired by Mount Etna 's eruption in December reminding me of that I saw in December, 1950.
I went to a travel-agency and picked the cheapest charter to a tropical island, which was St.Thomas, USVI.
In the middle of the night on Jan.4, I left my Lancaster, PA home and drove through Paradise and on Route 30, not yet aware of the fact that I'd find the same names in St. Thomas, where we landed around 14:00. I retrieved my back- and sidepacks and walked out of the airport onto Lindbergh Beach, where I changed into shorts and T-shirt and buried my winterclothes deep inside my backpack.

Next came Brewer Beach, where I drank a maubee, and accepted a ride towards Bordeaux Bay (?) Somewhere I got off and hiked down a valley where I pitched my tent just before it turned dark. I had a good night's sleep, woke up at 8, a bit stiff but turned back in when it started to rain. Later, I hiked on along overgrown paths in deserted plantations, rather exhausting when it got hot.

I got to a small beach but it was too rought to swim, so I climbed back along rocks and wrecks, watching pelicans diving, swarms of colorfull butterflies and small lizards all over. I just ate some snacks and drank little and towards dark pitched my tent again and smoked a peaceful pipe.

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