Ben Oostdam story # 378


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THUNDERHORSES - Ben Oostdam story # 378 page 2

Ben Oostdam story # 378: THUNDERHORSES - page 2

On Monday, June 16 2008, my radio program was interrupted for a "severe thunder warning" about a thunder storm with 1/2 inch size hail which would hit Millersville at 7:15 pm ....
So I turned off my computers and went outside with my camera to record what was about to happen.
The results were some 187 photographs from which I selected those below.
Although there were some strong wind blasts and an atmosphere of natural suspense, no rain, hail or thunder occurred here between 19:10 and 20:30 when these shots were taken.

NOTES: In Natural Hazards and Disaster Management there are numerous stories about the risks involved when spectators come out to watch instead of following the advise to seek cover.
In fact, some tsunami killed more spectators than other victims.
I recall a science fiction story about time travelers who booked to see historic disasters but were not allowed to help in the rescue or otherwise "interfere" with the course of history.

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