• Aug 21 article on personalized postage
  • tested it out on Aug 22 for some of my own photographs
  • [NOTE: first stamp to be surprise for 40th anniversary of our wedding, Aug.29]
  • what will this fine new idea do to philately?
  • end of uniquity, and of P.O. control of images
  • effects on catalogues, prices and values?
  • and on jobs of stamp-designers (Ada) - (wondered how that could be a full-time job!)
  • what if realization strikes and PO recalls permission to
    sudden increase of value of the more than 2000 existing, legal issues
    (including mine?)
  • reminds me of "Holland behind bars" story . .
  • cost/value issue of paying $ 16.99 for 20 stamps of 37c each,
    or 85 cents each, representing a profit of about 230%
  • but how about PO itself, letter used to go for 3 cents as late as 1958,
    now as high as 37 cents! See history of US postal rates.
    How does that compare with rate of inflation?
    answer: depending on which of 5 methods used,
    37 cents in 2003 were equivalent to a range from 2 to 7 cents in 1958
  • and what about deterioration in service?
    see The Last Dinosaur: US Postal Service, 1985;
    median annual salaries in 2002 were $ 38,150 for sorters, $ 39,530 for carriers and $ 39,700 for clerks
    + very generous benefits;

    Just to-day surprised to find that even at PO, mailboxes are not emptied on Sundays -
    and to make matters worth, on Sat the last is as early as 2:30 p.m. (check out!)
  • compare that with old London, where one had 3 or 4 mail deliveries a day,so a man could invite a guest for tea by mailing a letter first thing in the morning, even getting a reply by early p.m. delivery...
    in the USA, twice-a-day delivery to residences was abolished in 1950
  • small wonder, and PO's proper punishment, that more people now use Email:
    faster and cheaper!
  • NOTE added January 14, 2006: For a while, this "service" was discontinued, but it reappeared like Phoenix rising out of its ashes: proof: to see my December, 2005 order, click here

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