When I try and write, I have quite some problems with dialogue and practically none with spelling. My grandson Paul - born July 7, 1993 - is my opposite, also in political affiliation. Since his man just won a second term, and just to show that I hold no grudges, I will use his article below to illustrate dialogue. In exchange, he allowed me to use his story for mine. Only minor editing has been done, but instead of using one sentence for the whole story - as Paul did - I chopped it up in segments. Noteworthy is the very last sentence-segment: like wan wunders wheter dey haf thier oun lankwedge their inn Konetsoga?


(re President Bush’ visit to Conestoga Elementary on his way to Safe Harbore, May 18, 2001)

Today in Conestoga we have the most importint person alive George W Bush
“Mr. Bush I'm Doug Allen News Reporter
so how does it feel to be out of the white house”
“ Well being the President and all it feels pritey good”
To bad disck chaney could not be here.
If he was here we would be in Mrs.Altderffer class partyin.

'Who's got the popcorn? said Paul
'Mr.Bush your number 1 fan is here today Paul Slaugh.'
Hi my number 1 fan you want a otograph.
"Wi yes I think I will have 1 I'm on TV .
Yes you are? said Doug Allen
"I'm Paul? not Doug
it's me George the Presedent
"I'm in a helicopter with Paul.?
You should be still at the Conestoga School with the kids.
I'm stayin with Paul because he's my number one fan.

Why? said Doug Allen.
Just because said the Presedent .
" Paul what are you doing rite now?
I'm in the helicopter
no I meen what are you doing
oh what am I doing I'm doing nothing.
Ok well back to the news
today Paul is with the Presedent
doing nothing he said.
So people at home beware of the comcast truck.
It seems that the person who drives it is saspishois.
Today we met the Presedent.
He shuck my hand.
He was in a Bolit Proff limo.
The Guvernment was in front of the Presedent.
There were 20 cop cars and Police bike's
after we went in we did math and are spelling test
I got 1 rong. - - - BLO fecit 20041218 - stories