Ben Oostdam story # 318

BLOGGING and Table Manners

This is a quickie page combining one topic which is too short (BLOGGING) and another which is too long (Table Manners).

  • I would like to claim the (partial) right to the term "BLOGGING" for the reason that I have been blogging for decades even before the Internet got into existence.
    For me, it was a short-cut contraction for doing my diary (sissy) , c.q. journal (ok) c.q. log (Boyscout and Saylor-like, thus masculine or even macho).
    What with my initials being "BLO", and an activity involving a "LOG", what's more log-ical than naming that type of action: "BLOGGING"?!
    If anyone claims prior rights, E mail me ASAP

  • Blogging really took off like a Chinese rocket .... if you surf, you run into all kinds of interesting things and can hardly find time to do whatever you set out to achieve.
    A clear example is the following brief log which was posted on October 14, 2007 by lynn lato:
    Old school table manners... what were you taught?

    Well, Lynn hit the jugular, for by now, hardly three days later (October 17, 2007 at 15:10 EST) there are already 64 (sixty four) responses!!
    And after some juggling I think I managed to keep to my promise to try for single-page stories.
    I simply linked to Lynn's elegant BLOG (and probably the tagged-on ads, too...) and gave the [total of the original posting + 64 responses] a name:
    onto which you can click to see the whole kit-and-caboodle!

    That is, if you will kindly wait till all of it, including links to author and responders, etc.etc. is downloaded, which probably takes rather long - BUT: you'll never know what you missed if you are too impatient and decide to "SURF ON!" instead...

  • with my compliments to the Chowdog Team! - BLO fecit 20071017 - stories