I am talking with the tour guide who had just boasted about the most recent Chinese reforestation accomplishments:

"I have a riddle for you: "Why did Chinese plant 4 million trees?""

"Excuse me, please."

"Let me reiterate" (showing off my English knowledge, after all, English is a foreign language for both of us . . )
"Why did Chinese only plant 4 million trees?"

"I am sorry: I understand!"

"Let me repeat once more: "Why did Chinese plant only 4 million trees? . . ."

Answering my own riddle: "Because they are sick'a more" (Sycamore) "HA HA !"

At the next tourist stop on the following day:
a new guide querying me on 'my own' riddle (the way my sister Carla would tell a joke)

"Sir, do you know why Chinese last year only plant 4 million Sycamore trees? . . . "

Desertification of China - Planting trees in China - 18% growth in Chinese tree planting
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