Last week I took some time to watch my granddaughter's television program.
Note I did not say "favorite" TV program.
I would hate it if it were.
It was one of the most sickening shows I have watched.
A spoiled fifteen year old brags that her father does anything for her and will give her the most memorable sixteenth birthday party ever.

You see the three of them, daughter, father and party-organizer "negotiating":

Dad: "How much will it cost?"
Organizer: "Fifty Thousand."
Dad: "Would Twentyfive do?"
Daughter: "No Dad, Fifty is fine!"
Dad: "OK"

By that time I was so sick of it that I left. But apparently, my grandson had been watching the show, too, and told me that the same girl was given one $ 50,000 car at the party and another $ 50,000 car on her birthday.
Sorry I did not verify the last part, but there were as many as 168,000,000 Google links to "Sweet Sixteen" to-day !!!
Perhaps the father was one of these successful business men making a billion a year? Someone obscene not unlike the Chairman of Exxon. Of course, he "earned" it, but my bristles stand up if anyone makes more than a decent $ 1,000,000 (1 million) a year. I wished the excess or "overage" would be taxed at 110%. Somehow, I exclude Bill Gates and similar people who use their windfall to become philanthropists.
Excessive spending and obscene show-off leads to such events as 9-11, which is like a deus-ex-machina punishing such people for hybris. What executives get as compared to workers wages is getting a larger and larger ratio. (even though laid -off Ford workers still get a higher hourly rate than I would deem necessary.)
Then there is the opposite problem: The low percentage of taxes paid for fuel, as compared to what people in most other countries pay. Combined with agricultural subsidies, it led the USA to boast the World's highest agricultural exports. Another cause of many foreigners disliking or hating the USA.
Anyhow, I assume that rich people get even more junk mail requesting donations than I do. Some requests are quite effective and I have to admit that, on the average, Americans are generous in private donations. In contrast to foreign aid, where we rank pretty low when expressing aid in percentage of average income. I am ending this jeremiad with a gift order form issued by "Food for the Poor, Inc.":

Let's hope each of these lovely sweet sixteen girls to be will see this list and hand it to Dad when they have become saturated with unnecessary gifts but still want to test Daddy's generosity...
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