Ben Oostdam story # 508


It is not even 6 in the morning but I know how elusive dreams are, so I will try to tell you this one.
I am in a MidEastern Gulf State which boasts not just one but one thousand and one new concepts aka themes all merged or built into a giant complex which holds such varied venues as a modern super market, an ancient Suq, a merger of mosques, churches, temples and even synagogues and a university.
Scanning my memory I miss sports, aquaria and stockmarkets, but undoubtedly ....
Part of this universe is too cold because of air conditioning, other parts are immitating an oasis covered by a glass dome high enough to allow full grown palmtrees, but mostly it is pleasant and cool and tranquil. Because of the size it does not appear over crowded, yet there are thousands of people, mainly young and attractive, dressed in an attractive mix of modern and ancient world fashions. Everyone appears friendly but kind of absent in that the main interest seems to be ubiquitous use of cell phones .
Enough background and setting of the stage.

I am on a mysterious mission and returning to this place after a long weekend at the shore. I run into Abdul, a former research assistant, and offer him a long piece of laurier licorice which to my dismay he stuffs into his mouth, whereas I had expected him to just try and break off some. He urges me to get him more to trade with his friends and offers me a bag of chocolat truffles for my own trade, which he apparently assumes to be my purpose here. He then gets involved in a dispute on his cell phone and I wave him goodbye and escape; fortunately, there are some corners and a quiet courtyard and fountain and enough boutiqes to avoid him.
I then go into a class room - reception complex where a seminar is going to be held. I put my briefcase next to a locker and join the participants some of which I faintly recognize from previous meetings. I get into some animated discussion and then remember to get my briefcase, but the scenery has changed and there are no more lockers. I try to recollect what I had been carrying and draw a virtual blank. I then tried to retrace the meeting places of my previous visit and to somehow reconstruct my mission. Although I recognize some spots I had visited and even some sales people I had met before the long weekend, when I tried to find specific earlier meeting places, all seem to have disappeared or changed, too, yet there were enough "landmarks" - otherwise irrelevant - which make me sure I am in the right location.
By now I also start to doubt what the exact mission was that I had come to accomplish and still annoyed with the loss of my briefcase I decided to wake up and report as much as I remembered.

(left):Aerial Photograph
of the Dubai Mall
within downtown
Burj - Dubai
please click to enlarge
Mission accomplished!!... but several even more important memories of this dream made their rapid escape when I was irritated being asked to whom I was writing so early in the morning. Sorry about getting angry, but I'll dedicate and drink your nice cup of coffee to make up for it all!...

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