Of late, I spent my early Sunday mornings in bed to enjoy listening to two Jewish gentlemen sandwiching a Lutheran:
First, Karl Haas's "Adventures in Good Music", in which I am still somewhat baffled to hear his fascinating voice and comments even though he himself died last year. I also remember when we saw and heard him in person, decades ago in York, PA. A small person appeared on the stage and everybody turned silent and surprised till at the exact pregnant moment required he joked that he, too, had been wondering what we - the public - would look like. One just does not associate that sonorous voice with anyone but a large person.
The meat of the sandwhich is Lutheran Garrison Keillor, 6 foot and 4 inches tall, also equipped with a special voice - about which there is some controversy. After Karl, he appears in a 5 minute brief "Writer's Almanac", always interesting and ending with a poignant poem. Of course, we also know him from his longer lasting Prairie Home Companion including Lake Wobegon - "where all women are strong, men beautiful and children above average." He also is a prolific writer, as can be seen from this contribution to the Jewish World Review.
The third is Daniel Schorr, still going strong towards his 90th birthday on August 31, 2006 as senior news commentator of National Public Radio. So intrigued I was with his long history including reporting on the 1953 Dutch "Disaster", first interviewing Krushchev and being high on the list of Nixon's enemies, that I bought his so-called memoirs for the measly sum of 29 cents.
Guilty of depriving him of commissions? Not really, they were just his partial memoirs.

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