Ben Oostdam story # 324


On the occasion of Halloween, 2007, I herewith present a photograph of the former Slackwater Covered Bridge.

I think this bridge was demolished in the 1950's and replaced by the nearby modern bridge across the Conestoga River between South Duke Street (formerly a.k.a. "Slackwater Road") and Stehman Road, Millersville/Conestoga.

This is scanned from a photograph owned by my former barber, John Deibert, whose kind cooperation and excellent services are gratefully acknowledged!

If anyone has additional information about this bridge and/or Slackwater, kindly E-mail me.


On August 24, 2008, I received the following E-mail:

I saw your post on the Slackwater Covered Bridge
and thought you might like this photo taken in August 1953 by my father, Charles M. Good of Strasburg.

I have been scanning and restoring Kodachrome slides my father took from 1952 to 1967
some are taking a good bit of work to restore due to their age.
Fortunately, he had a caption “Slackwater” written on the slide mount of this one.
A quick Google search turned up your website post,
and helped me confirm the identity of the bridge!
Doug Good
1800 Northbrook Drive,
Lancaster, PA 17601

Thank you very much and warm regards, DOUG !!
from Ben Oostdam, 20080824
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