Ben Oostdam story # 229:


"Picking up the pieces of our tumbling landmarks."

by Ad Crable, LNE

  • Background of Watt and Shand :

  • January 9, 2007:
    Google reports 983,000 English links for
    "Watt and Shand", as well as 23 images

    LANCASTER, Pa. Watt & Shand, King Street.
    "The first to employ a cash carrier tube system (1915)."
    Lancaster online website. The shop closed in 1995.


    Photo credit: Jack Larson

    Source: W & S

    Watt & Shand Building
    Lancaster County Convention Center

  • Background of Armstrong Flooring Plant :

  • Google Search on January 9, 2007:
    Number of links to:
    Armstrong Liberty Street : about 1,150,000 English pages;
    Armstrong Liberty Street Floor Plant: 430,000 English pages,
    but zero images!

    Relevant Links:
    Armstrong Corporate Fact Sheet
    Armstrong Corporate History
    Armstrong Third Quarter 2006 Report
    Armstrong Recycles Ceiling Tiles
    Armstrong Cork Factory
    Armstrong Home Page
    Armstrong Building Products (ABP) is a worldwide leader in manufacturing
    and marketing acoustical ceilings and suspension systems for commercial
    and residential applications. The business mix is nearly 90-percent
    commercial, with approximately two-thirds in improvement projects and the
    balance in new construction, which includes offices, healthcare,
    education, retail, transportation and other segments. The residential
    market, more than 10-percent, is primarily in home improvement and
    remodeling projects. ABP is the most geographically diverse business at
    Armstrong, supported by regional manufacturing and local sales
    organizations around the world.

    Liberty Place

    F & M's Collection of WWII Armstrong Posters

    Franklin and Marshall's Press releases about
    Armstrong Liberty Street Floor Plant Floor Site:
    12/16/2004 updated 1/20/05 -
    10/05/2006 - 2006
    Like a Good Neighbor

    the former Armstrong Liberty Street Flooring Plant

    scheduled for demolition and recycling
    Thanks, TIM for sending me these shots!
    (Follow up:) "Razing Armstrong"
    photos by Richard Hertzler, Lancaster New Era, Jan.19, 2007

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