Ben Oostdam story # 491



For some strange reason the number 7 is my favorite, one short of the lucky Chinese favorite of 8.
Perhaps it was because of the story of the shoemaker who killed seven flies in one swat.
[ps - the only Google link featuring "flies" and "shoemaker" is this one.... (hint: see bibliography)]

My first biography was titled "Seven Square" and dealt with the first 49 years of my life.
It subsequently evolved/dragged on/deteriorated into my autobiography...
which I keep beating around the bush about to avoid completing it - if you know what I mean?

One way of doing that is by indulging in my addiction to SPIDER SOLITAIRE.
In support of this self-accusation, just look at my scoreboard below.

Notice I am not boasting: the scores are lousy!
But look at the number of games I tried ....well over 3,000 just during this year alone!!
If each game takes 5 minutes, how many hours were wasted?
If - instead - I had written my autobio at a rate of one year
per (a) = hour - (b) = day - (c) = week, how many ??....
finish this statement yourself

Whatever, I finally made it as you can see below:

note that seven sevens appear at the bottom of seven columns!!

Now, what does that have to do with you?
The answer to that question was provided by an E-mail forwarded to me
by my favorite granddaughter, Lexa, quoted hereunder:

Try it without looking at the answers

1. Pick your favorite number between 1-9

2. Multiply your favorite number by 3

3. Then add 3

4. Then multiply by 3 (I will wait while you get the calculator)

5. You should have a 2 or 3 digit number

6. Add the digits together

Now scroll down..........

Now match your number with the number below to see who 
is your ROLE MODEL on the list below:

1. Albert Einstein

2. Nelson Mandela

3. Margaret Thatcher

4. Tom Cruise

5. Bill Gates

6. Gandhi

7. Brad Pitt

8. Adolph Hitler

9. Ben Oostdam

10. George Washington

I know....I just have that effect on day, you too can be like me.
Do not aspire to anything less.

PS....Stop picking different numbers.
I am your idol, just deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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