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Early in 2004, when I finally was catching up on my autobiography and had reached the year 1964 (so only 40 years to go ...), I came across a reference to the biography of Sammy Collins, "King of Sea Diamonds", by Roger Williams.
This must have been a best-seller, because Amazon did not even have used copies. So I contacted Roger, who was so kind to send me one of his two extra copies, with a fine dedication.

I sent him a thank you and told him that I had read the book to the end by 04:00 a.m.; that it had solved many of the questions I had had no time to investigate in the 1960's when I was Ocean Science's staff geologist in charge of the "Rockeater" sampling and evaluation program. But I pointed out that he mentioned Captain Harris as her first captain, while in fact the first captain had been ...Captain Cook!

While writing that E-mail, I decided to attach a photograph I had of Captain Cook (who was fond of the Musical "HMS Pinaphore") together with very pg Rosemarie Stephansen and her daughter Gigi taken in Long Beach before "Rockeater"s departure for Capetown. Rosemarie's husband was my good friend Erik, who also was my successor in the beach evaluation program at Oranjemund in early 1964. Strangely, when I E-mailed Roger - sending a copy to myself so I would have something to read- I found out to my dismay that Hotmail had only sent the photograph, and not the text. So second time failure! But the old Navy proverb : "Driemaal is scheepsrecht!" came to mind as well as the embarrassment of Roger just getting this photograph, so I laboriously wrote the text for a third time.

I am glad I did, for this is the message I received from Roger within hours: next page

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