This was on one of the student cruises aboard the R.V. "Annandale".
The sea was rather rough
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and at the stern
a lovely girl was turning greenish pale.
When I reached her, she bent over the rail and vomited.
She got more and more enthusiastic (carried away?) about it
and leaned out f.u.r.t..h..e..r a n d f...u...r...t....h.....e.......r........

Afraid that she might tumble overboard, I put my arms around her waist to protect her.
The spastic movements of her lovely body excited me, but simultaneously, the smell and sight of sticky slimy saliva slithers sea-sickened me myself.

I had to vomit, too!
Instantly, she seemed cured and - of her own accord -
ran off to the gantry to fetch me a glass of water.
Gratefully, I drained the whole glass in one gulp.

She had used the salt-water tap . . .

I was instantly cured of both afflictions!

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