Secret Society of Sight Seeers in Siam

After my first year Vespa Scooter explorations in Thailand with Dutch and Thai friends, I "graduated" the second year and got engaged in longer tours and adventures with our English girlfriend Cynthia, her ex- and future Charles, and out two M.G.'s, and continued year 3 with my jeep and even more English friends who bought Landrovers.
First was Stewart Addis of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Bangkok office, who got so enthused after a jungle trip with me in my jeep that he ordered a Landrover immediately after our return. He also talked another friend into doing the same: Humphrey Babbington. A third friend, Brian Rogers, ventured along in his "conventional" automobile.
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Based on previous adventures, I had designed a "badge" and a name for our club: SSSSS.
Suitably, we picked Sukothai for our first combined effort.
Several other power-weekends followed, e.g. our Kanchanaburi trip, but the biggest undoubtedly was the one to Chiengmai during the Songkhra Festival. I recall the great fun all villagers had throwing buckets full of water over passers-by, and using all such kind of contraptions as pumps and water cannons to increase the effectiveness. It was on this trip that the World's first known "Wet T-shirt" contest was held and won by Anthea. Being a stingy Dutchman, I did not dare to take any pictures for fear my camera would get ruined, as it was a week later when I forgot I had it in my pocket when fording a river. Briefly after that, I left the "Dutch Bank" and went to Canada, to study Geology.
Thanks to putting my autobio on the WWW, I first heard from Stewart's daughter Madelaine, and she later told her "Uncle" Brian about my web presence. So a few weeks ago, while sitting in the bathtub, I got a call from Brian - almost 50 years later. He had been so lucky to marry Gillian, and promised to send me two DVD's containing his 8 mm movies fo the late 1950's. I watched with delight a much thinner ME getting sprayed at the festival. But even better, Gillian sent me her tale of Humphrey Babbington, and I found that so exciting that I scanned it and put it on the Web, too, in its original very attractive handwritten form. So this page is really just an introduction to this amazing follow up of tropical hot SSSS adventures while I was suffering Canadian cold.
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Feb.25: To my great regret, Gillian and Brian just wrote me by snailmail and asked not to put this somewhat sensitive story on the WWW as yet.