Ben Oostdam story # 339


Hi Philippa:

Thanks for the quote, but in the meantime we booked at Landskroon.

We probably will drop in at your Cuban Cigar place and maybe meet you in person.

By the way, I noticed your logo, and as an expert on estuaries and 

frequent visitor of restrooms as well as restaurants, it was fun to see

the mis(S)spelling under your logo:

                       "restuarants" - 

although it would have been better if the error had read


                  as another variant . . .

Perhaps my editing will earn us a free CUBA LIBRE drankie and a real CUBAN cigar?? ;o]

NOTE: I sent the above Email ten minutes ago, and in the mean time (or meantime?)
regretted I had not said anything about Cuban cigars not being allowed in(to) the USA.
I should also have enhanced my variant by pointing out that it contains the word "ryant",
my mis(ter)spelling of the Dutch - hence likely Afrikaans, too - word "riant"
which you can darn well Google yourself since I am going back to bed now!

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