Ben Oostdam story # 139



Last year, while completing the record of my Balkans Tour, I submitted the above photograph to the International Library of Photography. In early February, I received their mail- notification of winning an award! I did, however, have to attend their International Meeting and/or send the funds to send me the Cup going with it.
Since I recalled having already sent for a similar cup-prize some years ago - I think for "Role Model" - I did not fall into that trap again. I am not that eager to show off a cabinet full of such silver cups. In fact, there's a third photograph I submitted - titled "Joy" - which also won a price, so may be it is something just like grade-inflation in Colleges or making the Dean's List . . . . (recollection: actually, our Dean was the only one that "made my list" as in the infamous "Nixon List" (of Enemies) which my admired Daniel Schorr made).
I politely declined the invitation to attend the (faraway) International Meeting, and immediately got the first of a series of letters of which I copy the introduction of the last I received (to-date, that is ...)
Dear Bernard,
It's something we don't often do, but after viewing and discussing your photography, the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Library of Photography has nominated you for membership in the most exciting photography organization in the world--the International Society of Photographers!

Well, do I feel honored-to-death, or just embarrassed-to-the-core now? I am trying to sort out my feelings and decided to write the whole issue down and confide in you, Reader(s), perchance even auspicating you advise or comments. These may be sent to me by merely (or is it merrily?)clicking here, just to make it easier for you! Thanks for helping me out of my quandary.
P.S. Do not refer me to the Bible, please ! I know it: "Vanity of vanities," saith the Preacher, "vanity of vanities; all is vanity." - Bible, Ecclesiastes (ch. I, v. 2)
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