Since my busy schedule did not allow
me this year to partake in either
Tour de France or Beijing Olympics ...
BLO Iryani_Yogya20000119a.jpgIryani I had to make do with time travel to
the year 2000 when I had the pleasure


to make an eco-bike tour in Yogyakarta,
Indonesia with lovely Iryani(left) whose
name echoes IRIAN - the Indonesian
part of World's second largest island
formerly known as New Guinea
Just this morning - the day after the end
of the 2008 Olympics - HvdB kindly sent
me and our other 1952 NG crew these
photos taken in the Baliem Valley ...
Ben Oostdam
story # 395


BLO fecit 20080825 - stories

...and I am proud that Iryani
(or Sendiryani, or Sendiriander)
lived up to her promise
and expanded her business!
Cialis Papuabiker.JPGside-effect4 PapuaEnak....enak....enak.jpg PapuaPeniskoker.JPG