To start off, each of the three "Saints" mentioned above would strenuously object to that epitheton being put in front of their names. What united them was their great desire to help establish The Marine Science Consortium during the years 1966-1968.
Dr. Paul Hess was Chairman of the Biology Department at Lebanon Valley College, a small (about 1,500 students) private four year college located in Annville, near Hershey, PA. Dr. Eleanor Flick was also Chair of Biology, but at Philadelphia Community College, Philadelphia. Finally, Professor Paul Prince was an Earth Science Professor in the Geology Department of Indiana University of PA, in Indiana, near Pittsburgh, PA. Please note that the above links to these institutions are from 2006, almost 40 years after the time of this story.
Paul Hess was a good friend of Dr. Alex Henderson, sometimes referred to as the "Father of Oceanography in Pennsylvania"; Alex was one of the two faculty at then Millersville State College who arranged to hire me in 1967 to set up oceanography in the Commonwealth (the other was Professor Bill McIlwaine). Paul Hess had been on the adjunct faculty of the MSC (watch out, this may mean either "Millersville State College" or "Marine Science Consortium" ;o] - By now this distinction is "academic" and I use "MU" for Millersville University, and "TMSC" for "The Marine Science Consortium") to teach Marine Biology, and had gone on an exploratory fieldtrip to Cape May, NJ and Lewes, DE in spring, 1967 with Alex, Ken Miller, Syd Radinovsky and Willis Ratzlaff to check possible sites for a Marine Biology field course. Paul had earned his Ph.D. from the University of Delaware and had helped them setting up their fieldstation(s) in Lewes, where he had been graduate assistant while working on sharks, together with Paul Wolf and Kent Price.
I am not certain how I became acquainted with Dr. Eleanor Flick. She was a robust and ambitious woman, traveling with a male companion who was an electrician and helped to keep sparks flying.
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She asked to go on some of our cruises aboard the "Lydia B", and brought some of her students. She was so certain that her school was going to join the planned Consortium, that she had ordered several instruments and samplers for use aboard.