Since Mercia works and I am retired, I do most of the groceries shopping (and a lot of the cooking, too!). I consider a shopping trip like a tourist attraction and am always interested in seeing what new or different goodies the natives eat
I recall that less than a year ago, at Weis Supermarket, I was pleasantly surprised to see a pack of oxtail bones. My mouth watered rehashing the taste of my grandmother's oxtail soup, decades ago. And look at the price, ridiculous, only $ 2.98 per pack! I bought a pack and prepared a fine stew which lasted us a week. I rubbed my stomach and rubbed my hands, what a deal, and the stew tasted better every day!
But the next time, it cost close to $ 5 per pack, followed by an increase to more than $ 6 - and then suddenly $ 8.94 (left) . . . I blamed myself for not having stocked up on it when prices were low. So a fortnight ago (that is 14 days for you Americans), I had a quick look at Weis' meat counter again and got my suspicions confirmed: prices had gone up over $ 10 per pack, like oil going over $ 60 per barrel.

I spied around and LOOK! there was some new item: neckbones - for as little as $ 3 per pack! My conscience did not bother me in the least, and I switched just like that.

We enjoyed an ever improving neckbone stew for a week and even the last few bits found favor with my feathered friends (right)
But darn it, I had forgotten to stock up on neckbones, and did not even dare to go to Weis and have my fears confirmed.
So I waited till Mercia had a day off and went shopping for groceries herself.
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