Ben Oostdam story # 192

Whatever Happened to "OLD MAIN"?

In 1991, East Hempfield Township bought us out of our (Old School) house at the corner of Harrisburg Pike and Centerville Road, because they were going to widen the road, cut down our trees and put in a traffic-light intersection.
Fortunately, Mercia found us a fine replacement on Slackwater Road, next to the Conestoga Creek, close to Millersville University where I taught oceanography. This was a 15 acres hilly farm-land and forest setting, where we could keep sheep, ride around on tractors and fix up things.

One of the intriguing (annoying?) things - besides the criss-cross of power lines, was the drainage. Potholes appeared and disappeared during and after the heavy rains we experienced in 1992, and flooding played havoc with the series of ponds and bridges I built in the "ravine" which we first had to restore because the previous owner had used it as a dump. Elsewhere, bricks would appear out of the ground like zombies in a Haiti horror movie. When I tried to install a small pond, I dug up a large chunk of concrete which I subsequently used as a "table".

I forgot who told me that this property had been used to dump hundreds of truckloads of debris from the demolition of Millersville's "Old Main" building in the 1960's, but I thought it was interesting enough to make a call to Jack Brubaker ("The Scribbler") of Lancaster New Era. He came to visit and interview me, so the remainder of this story is Jack's article.

Help!! amid what? guess . . .

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