Ben Oostdam story # 659a

what's in a name?

About a week ago I received a telephone call from a girl who said her name was NITA.
She was calling me about my Verizon internet connection problems
which I had reported the week before.
I asked if she was from India and she confirmed that she was, indeed.
I told her I could hear from her nice voice - so different from American girls...
But I complained that our problem of intermittent and interrupted connections had NOT been resolved, even though Verizon operators kept announcing that they had good news: my problem had been solved.
Far from that, Nita, it may even be worse now that Verizon has given me a lower MB "bundle" than I had before, that change having been recommended by the Verizon American male technician who had been here for more than an hour testing. He had been sent to me at the request of another sweet voiced Indian Verizon girl last month.

Nita asked if she could also speak to my daughter Erika who she had helped to connect another computer to our network "yesterday". I gave her Erika's number and we said goodbye after she had continued promising that she would take care of out problem.

Some five minutes later I got a call again. "My name is Nita," said the sweet voice, and proceeded telling me that she was going to upgrade my account. I was surprised and asked her which account she was talking about? The answer surprised me: Staples Stationery....and my first thought was how could one and the same girl work for both Verizon and Staples? To make certain I asked her: "You're from India, right?" but this time she denied it and said that she was calling from Florida much for judging too fast, and I even ventured that she might be an American Indian girl? Anyhow, I thanked her for the upgrade and hung up just when the phone rang again and this time it was Erika telling me that Nita had called her back because my line was busy and she wanted to tell me to stand by at 4 pm when she had arranged for a technician to do some tests .... Erika commented on Nita'shelpfulness and attention and was also struck by the coincidence of getting two Nita's calling me within 20 minutes...

Going back to work I checked my E-mail, and the first one was from (guess...)

...Nita Chaudary ....
well, if that is not an Indian name,
I wil eat my dog!

asking me to contribute...
I did contribute
and then decided
to google that

Here are some of the results:

more Morse code for
those who still know it:

---| ...|.-|--|.-

I also thought Nita might be short for "Anita"
That brought to mind another strange coincidence: In 1946, I joined the World Friendship Association and they first "fixed me up" to correspond with an English girl named "Nancy", and a few months later with a Spanish girl named "Anita". So what is strange about that? Well, Anita wrote in the first line of her first letter that "Anita" meant "Nancy" in English... I still do not understand that, but am straying too far from my topic... I was almost finished with this story, anyhow, except for inserting the Google results...

Strange to note that Nita, who must have been around for centuries, even after disambiguation, rated "only" 14 million links
whereas the relative new "upstart" Wikileaks is well over 400 million links "strong".
What about President OBAMA?

What is the lesson to learn?
Sweetness does not get you as far as nastiness, or
"Laat U maar zoet als honing vinden
De vliegen zullen U verslinden!"

However, notwithstanding and nevertheless, I am still waiting for the Verizon technician's 4 pm call.....

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