This is a list of links to articles dealing with new and foreign words. Given the large number of links (see below) available, I restricted myself to what I could find in three hours of "perusal", so that I get to bed before midnight.
on Dec.13, 2005, there were about 358,000,000 links
in Google to "New Words" ! 63,400,000 to "foreign words"

Chinese - Foreign words in Japanese
Hebrew - Hebrew Slang and Foreign Loan Words
New words in English - 60 Years of new words
France bids adieu to "E-mail" - Franglais
Campaign to keep Greek pure - Taaltrots: Purisme in een 40-tal talen
Globish = Global English - "Sprachenreinheit" only 6 Google links!

November 11, 2003 Italy Struggles to Keep the Mother Tongue Pure
The International Herald Tribune reports that "the guardians of the language of Dante and Pirandello worry that English is encroaching on Italian and making it increasingly incomprehensible to their countrymen. The mangled language is called Italiese." And according to a new book, the contamination of Italian by English is more widespread than experts admit.
The article also points out that Italian is now the fifth most taught
second language in the world (after English, French, Spanish, and German).

Weird and wonderful vocabulary from around the world
Influx of foreign words into the English language
Why do I see so many English words in Spanish?
l'Academy Francaise - Official moderator of the French language

L'Academie Francaise
Even the Nike motto "Just Do It!" was marked by an asterisk that
referred to the French translation, "Allez-y!,"
at the bottom of every ad.The New York Times on the French commission to root out foreign words.
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