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Ben Oostdam story # 8

Meanings of the word:


For more than 20 years he has been a bartender in a smart establishment in the West End of London.

In Japanese spinning mills you will find one girl in charge of six spindles; in France one girl will tend as many as eighteen. For loom-tenders in weaving-mills similar proportions hold good.

Under high pressure two 10,000 ton freighters were requisitioned as tenders. Without delay they were loaded with all sorts of stores, provisions, munitions, vehicles, spare parts and what not and within 60 hours they were despatched with sealed orders.

Owing to a heavy tidal current our steamer was unable to moor at the quay. So the ship’s agents sent a tender alongside to enable the passengers to land. At the same time her cargo was, of course, discharged into lighters.

The other day a curious railway accident occurred in which the engine of the train and its tender were both derailed without any damage done to the track.

The fire engine came thundering past at full speed, its tender jumping madly up and down on the abominable pavement of the narrow country road.

At the age between 50 and 60 many people tend to grow fat

For a nervous market the tendency is to react favourably on any silly piece of good news.

To be tender of one’s reputation.

One evening the proprietor of a downtown garage offered him a job where he could start the next day. Being inexperienced and very hard up he took it straightaway without making any inquiries. It was only a few days after joining this outfit that he began to realize that their business practices and morality were shady - to say the least.
His conscience being of normal country-bred tenderness he criticized fishy deals on three separate occasions. When he got no satisfaction from the general manager he was shrewd enough not to wisecrack and not to be the saint. Hew simply waited for the dust to settle after the third blow-up, and then, when the incident had been forgotten, he gave two weeks’ notice and quitted without any fuss and with an A1 testimonial in his pocket, none the worse for his 4-month experience in a big city repair shop.

At a tender age these Mongol boys have already to begin to make themselves useful as tenders of their fathers lambs. As they grow up they are taught to look after the sheep and horses as well.

At the age of 60 he had to tender his resignation as an officer on the active list.

to tender thanks, gratitude

Yesterday we did the 7 hour glacier tour of page 54 in the Guide Book. Roads were bad and it was not an easy tramp by any means. Still, I must say that Mary’s little Burmese friend put up a very good show. But to-day her feet are as tender as anything: she can hardly walk up and down the lawn.

When he first joined the Boy Scouts in April last year he was the most absolute tenderfoot you have ever seen. But during the six weeks of that summer’s holiday camp he improved immensely.

Mr. Macadamias baby daughter developed smallpox before there had been time to have her vaccinated. Thanks to her healthy constitution she pulled through all right, but her health remained tender for two years at least.

It was a funny chunk of meat. The local butcher had sold them as the very best thing he had in his shop. After having carefully examined, they decided to boil it first and then to stew it- but they did not succeed in making it tender.

Early in August the construction of the new bridge will be put up for tender. Competition is expected to be very keen. Therefore, only such firms as are in a position to make a tender which is both competitive and financially sound will stand a chance of real success, whereas the authorities will have to be very careful in picking from among the tenderers a really responsible party who is able not only to sign the contract but also to fulfill the obligations it contains.

It is customary for the Java tobacco crop to be sold by tender in the Amsterdam market. This custom is also followed in disposing of the famous Sumatra tobacco crop.

Last Thursday the local banks showed very little interest in the Government’s weekly tender for treasury bills. The best rate offered was only 2 1/16% and the largest single tender was not over 6 lakhs.

A legal tender is a tender of payment of money of such description that the person to whom the money is tendered will put himself in the wrong if he refuses to accept it.
A legal tender requires that the exact sum of the debt must be tendered without necessitating any change.
A tender of a note or notes of The Bank of England, expressed to be payable to bearer on demand, shall be a legal tender for the payment of any amount so long as The Bank of England shall continue to pay on demand their said notes in legal coin.
The Gold Standard Act 1925:
Until otherwise provided by proclamation The Bank of England shall not be bound to pay any note of The Bank of England in legal coin; and the notes shall not cease to be legal tender by reason that The Bank do not continue to pay the notes in such legal coin.
Under the same Act, Bank of England notes for 5 pounds and upwards have ceased to be legal tender.
In paper currency only 1 pound and 10 shilling notes have remained as legal tender. Checks and bills do not form legal tender.

Under present World conditions inconvertible paper currency is legal tender in most of the so-called civilised countries. Gold coins have disappeared entirely from circulation.
In many countries it is even unlawful for the public to possess either gold coins or bullion. Silver coins may be seen as token money in some countries; in others, silver coins have likewise disappeared from circulation.
Everywhere the remaining hard money, either silver or base metal subsidiary coin, is legal tender only for very small amounts.

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