My Website

After having initiated dozens of free websites in the mid-nineties, e.g. with Tripod, Angelfire, Geocities, Fortunecity and Webjump, I got disappointed when they started merging and charging for sites with more than 5MB. So, at the end of 2001, I opened my own domain and website at A-Plus, and have been ftp'ing most of my webpages to that site:
As one of the fringe benefits for this annual expense of around $ 100, I get some elaborate monthly statistics and graphs, from which I compiled the following "progress" of the number of my pages (URLs [=Universal Resource Locator]) and their use:

Month Year Total URLS Total Hits Avg/day Max/day
December 2001 244 1086 35 343
June 2002 2153 14742 491 1555
December 2002 3459 20839 672 1272
June 2003 5134 38486 1005 1968
December 2003 6559 49584 1599 3546
June 2004 7551 70641 2354 3383
December 2004 8026 93845 3027 4177

I alone am responsible for the number of pages I produce, but their use depends not only on their quality and interest, but also on the growing number of WWW users.
The statistics are produced by webalizer and include astonishing detail of monthly, daily and hourly use, where the users come from and how they get to my site. In addition, there are lists of the most favored URLs, search strings and referrers as well as user agents.

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