This second morning of June, 2006, I got up early enough to spare some time making these two graphs relating to the number and timing of stories on my website.
First conclusion: although the period covered is 50 years, very few stories dating before 2002 ended up on the web .
Secondly, my most productive year is the present one, 2006, and not even half of that is included on these graphs.
So, perhaps and d.v. (deo volente, Inshallah), this trend will continue ?! . . .

(Please click to enlarge)

The third conclusion is quite interesting: it appears that I have never written nor put on the web any -not even a single - story in the month of JUNE.
Well, I am changing that record right now by making this story a double first:
first one in June, 2006 and first on in the last fifty years of my life-to-date!!

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