The Fishplant and The Marine Science Consortium

Sometime after the middle of the Menhaden Depression of the 1960's (right), The Marine Science Consortium (TMSC/DBMSC) was looking for more operating space. Solution: The Lewes Fish Plant, which had been closed a few years earlier, doing away with the characteristic strong smell.
The Director, Mr.Kennedy was kind enough to lease us their buildings on Cape Henloopen for a few years -until rumors of new harbor facilities made the lease too expensive.

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Two dormitories had been shuttered and closed "as they were" and revealed all kinds of debris, empty bottles, unwashed underwear and rubber boots drooling down at the foot of the wall. These were cleaned up and refurbished with donated Armstrong Carpets by student workgangs from Millersville and Indiana Universities under the direction of Bob Swift, who had succeeded the original DBMSC station director, Don Wiggins, when he transfered to the local desalination plant.
We also hired the former chief cook, a lady of color named Mrs Callie Credell. She was very happy to be able to get back to work again, even though TMSC was rather stingy compared to her former employer. It had been customary to pick up ("recruit"?) gangs of workers out of the gutters of Baltimore each weekend and to truck them to the Fishplant, where they sobered up, worked hard and were allowed to eat a dozen or more eggs for breakfast.
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