Ben Oostdam story # 418


What are you doing? 140

01 - boostdam : joining Twitter since I heard so much about it... 31 minutes ago from web

PAUSE: frantic search for photograph, finally sumitted this one:

02 - boostdam : searching for a picture of myself - they are very rare! I submitted it and got message that it was nice...who said that??? 13 minutes ago from web

03 - boostdam : reading this message - now can I go back to work, please??? Who runs this show, anyhow??!! 13 minutes ago from web

04 - boostdam : just commented on son Dan Zen's walk .....he's a magician! 11 minutes ago from web

05 - boostdam : Hope you - Miss Twitter? - keep the times right. If so, why not use proper GMT annotations in this log, like 200810302049 ??? Huh?? CIAO 9 minutes ago from web

06 - boostdam : So where's my photograph and why does it take so long?? 8 minutes ago from web

07 - boostdam : Well, glad you caught me drinking in SA 2 minutes ago from web

08 - boostdam : I feel worse than the lawyers who had to keep logs of every ten minute interval of their working day.... like modern slavery, is not it? 1 minute ago from web

PAUSE: My wife Mercia stops by (after having googled TWITTER) and told me she does not understand
why I waste my whole life looking at such stuff on the computer....35 seconds ago from real life, or better: 200810302212

09 - boostdam : wondering why I cannot click on my thumnail and see myself without magnifying glass...but I take your word it is nice, Miss Twitter less than 5 seconds ago from web

10 - boostdam : I notice you cannot correct spelling errors like thumnail instead of thumbnail, so need separate posting to ensure people know I do not err. less than 5 seconds ago from web

11 - boostdam : please do not interrupt me, I needed just a few more letters to get my real message across. Could we compromise on 12 square or 144, please? less than 5 seconds ago from web

12 - boostdam : I am getting the hang of it and used almost the entire allowance of 140 letters in my last two messages. What a good idea - if combined with less than 5 seconds ago from web

13 - boostdam : previous suggestion!!! That's the trick, you already provide a new page or block before I even finished my last one. 18 to go, now 9, less than 5 seconds ago from web

14 - boostdam : that's cute, I was in the negative and had to take some letters back... wow, wished real life treated one that considerately. My compliments less than 5 seconds ago from web

15 - boostdam : finding it irritating that my log is like the geologic column, i.e. oldest stuff is at the bottom, most recent in top. Why not opposite less than 5 seconds ago from web

COMMENT: that was enough.... I copied the log - even though it was in reverse order-
and reproduced it in the inverse hereabove.
So I have been on TWITTER for about an hour by now, and see considerable merits, like:
A - you can see immediately how long it takes you to respond in green
B - you can see the author, in this case my goodself boostdam, i.e. in blue

PAUSE: Mercia: who are you writing this too, let me see....
what are you doing with this? Oh my God, you are not putting that on the NET?
You are sick. It is sick...
I myself boostdam , in putative defense: did you not see the stuff about SONY [If you cannot find this link working, try a close similar one]: everybody is into My Space or My Face
or maybe even my own My race which I put in black on white, like this....get it?

C - you have to get your whole message into a mere 140 letters, ideal for long-winded authors like boostdam c.s.
D - you can make it a challenge to use up exactly 140 letters, but I opt for 144....

On the other side of the balance:
A - who is Twitter - I prefer to see 'it' as a smart teenage girl or sophisticated 20-ish woman?
B - can you tell this Miss Twitter how to improve matters, like I did in lines 05, 09 and 15 hereabove
C - maybe it imposes on peoples sense of privacy and decorum, as does the WWW, and is too transparent ??? D - .......... to follow??

END: OK, Dear, I'll come to bed now!

P.S. first comment from invitee PB:
hi,what's with twitter. why is it better than regular email? i think it's a conspiracy of the commies about to take power in the usa
to monitor can probaly find a "sort" command somewhere in your email system to flip your emails so newest or oldest are at top.

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