This is my dream of September 4, 2004:
There was a room with two long tables. On each table stood a long fishtank. There was no water in the tanks to start with, but there were a half dozen or so glass bottles inside each tank. These bottles were partly filled with water and in each bottle lived a small fish.

Late one afternoon, I took Lexa for a walk in the passage way between the tanks and showed her the small fish. That night, I heard the sound of running water,
so the next morning the two of us went to look at the tanks again.
This time, we noted that some of the fish were swimming in front of the bottles,
because all bottles were filled and there was water almost to the top of each tank.

The next night, I again heard the sound of running water. So once more, we went to look at the tanks early the next morning.
But this time, only Lexa could walk in between the tanks, so I just watched her.

She was very excited, because the water had risen a lot more. She now could reach up and stick her fingers into the layer of water above her head! She did not even get wet doing that . . .

"That clearly demonstrates the law that water seeks its own level and that vessels communicate with each other,"
I pondered,
"But I guess gravity is pulling upward on this here planet."

I was very proud to have remembered Dr. Vunderink's (my Dutch physics teacher)
lecture on "communicerende vaten," some sixty years ago.
But even prouder of my granddaughter performing experiments
and demonstrating physical principles.

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