Ben Oostdam story # 262


As a retired oceanography professor - still moderately active as
neo-historian and cybrarian rather than merely emeritus -
I could, of course, snow you with long "lists of largest....".
But I will control myself and just show and tell a few.

  • First, the volume of the ocean: some 1.3 billion cubic kilometers!
    That's American billion, with a mere 9 zeroes.
    (English and European have 12 ! WOW)

    just imagine walking a kilometer while pulling a chalk-marker, then make a ninety degree right turn and do it again and again
    till you come back to your point of origin. Next, dig a pit of 1 kilometer depth into the area you just outlined.
    You may now proceed and fill the resulting hole with water.
    I bet you'd be tired by now and admit that this is an exaggerated size for a swimming pool?!
    And that is only ONE cubic kilometer.
    And you better be grateful I used the metric system,
    because in the British system, one cubic mile is a lot larger even if it's just nautical!

  • Next, what I just heard on FM 89.5 from Michael Feldmann of "What do you know?":
    the largest school of fish ever counted: 20 Million, off New Jersey!

    No more on this topic. You may wonder who counted them how, but so do I ...
    so who am I to try and answer, except electronically and/or by remote sensing?
    Go find out yourself and tell me later!

  • (please click to magnify much more)

  • In conclusion, I have copied above two photographs - each worth a thousand words
    (to quote Wolf Blitzer of CNN's "Situation Room") ,namely:
    a squid and an abalone.

    By the way, what besides excessive size do these two examples have in common?
    Try giving the answer before you read on!! .....

    Notwithstanding their vastly different appearances,
    they are both species of the phylum Mollusca!

    And that's it for to-day!

    Just remember:
    "a squid a day keeps the doctor away!"

    (if you use "abalone" it just sounds phony !)

    You may even add: baloney!!

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