• Appu Singh, Regional Manager South, Columbia Tristar Films of India in an exclusive interview talks of what India and Hyderabad can look forward to from the angels. How did Charlie's Angles (CA) fare? What was its USP?
    Charlie's Angels had grossed over 400 million US $ overseas. Charlie's Angels was released in November 2000, with a $40 million opening weekend that still holds the record for the best debut by a first time director. In India the movie was a smash hit- the business generated was worth Rs. 8 crores. Inspired by the phenomenally popular television series, Charlie's Angels brought in both the audience that remembered the series and an entire new generation that thrives on action, glamour and adventure.

  • another example of using the term "lakh"
    For details, please click this link: Lakh. For even more details, please see: Indian numbering system. . . But for a simple summary, see table below:

    1 lakh (lac)
    1,00,000 105
    one hundred thousand
    1 crore 100,00,000 107
    ten million
    1 kharab 100,00,00,00,000 1011
    hundred billion (US), honderd miljard (Dutch)
    1 lakh crores 10,00,00,00.00,000 1012
    1 "Old British Billion"
    (alternatively:) 1,000,000,000,000 1012
    1 US trillion

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    False Friends - Note: laks and crores not to be confused with laki (Bahasa Indonesia=man) and crone (old English=old woman)
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