One of my MPP successors
Good to see that Japan
which founded KISR in the 1960's
is still involved
interesting to see that UNDP
acquired a foothold...
Dr.Nader Al-Ahwadi
Kuwait's water consumption
highest in the World!...
... and what KISR is doing
to solve that problem...
Solar Panels with..
the DUTCH !
geo-politics - Arabian Gulf
and the Shatt-Al-Arab or
Tigris-Euphrates Delta
(top right)
Mercury in Kuwait Bay
former co-worker
Abdella Al-Zamel...
Petroleum Hydrocarbons
in NW Arabian Gulf
Kuwait Waterfront
Project ...

two more co-workers:
Fikhry and Victor!
Ben Oostdam story # 727 - UPDATE ON KUWAIT AND KISR

I served in Kuwait from 1976-8, well before the Gulf a consultant and senior researcher in the Marine Pollution Program and the Environmental Science Division. I empathized with my former co-workers and Kuwaiti about Saddam's wanton environmental ravage of oil and air pollution, but am happy to have found and shared with you the above few "updates" which occurred during and after after reconstruction.
This morning, I tried to send two E-mails to Dr Saleh Al Muzaini whom I met at Shuaiba in 1976 and who not only spent three multiple year study sessions in the USA to acquire a PhD from URI, but in between and afterward, led the pollution and environmental programs atr KISR and published numerous reports.
Unfortunately, both Emails were returned and from some googling I have the impression he is also retired and in the USA/RI now... if by chance he should read this, my sincere compliments on your many achievements and please get in touch!
I shared with KISR such other experiences as being aboard the "Umitaka Maru", working for the UNDP (UNESCO with Dr Selim Morcos was the KISR favorite in the 70's), and occasional Dutch solar energy, but that all is for separate stories, some already on the net,[ A, B, C, D, E, F G H I ] others to come...In'shallah !!

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