Ben Oostdam story # 238


My daughter Erika called me on the phone and her son
Parker and I picked up two phones simultaneously.
After some initial confusion, he decided to take
the right of way and told me:

"OPA, get off the phone - I am talking to my Mom!"

I stood my ground till he asked his Mom:

"MOM, please hang up on OPA -
I want to talk to you alone!"

My grandson Parker was driving with me
when I hit a rumble strip and he said:

"My DAD told me that sometimes
the centerline wakes up sleeping drivers!"

When getting off Route 283 on the way to Harrisburg
there are several rumble strips.
My daughter Erika asked me:

"What are they for, DAD?"

"To warn blind drivers,"

I responded callously.
It took a few minutes to penetrate.

We were on our way back from Canada where
my daughter Erika had met
for the first time her half-brother Dan -
whom I had given up for
adoption some 15 years ago.

I noticed she was pondering something,
and asked her what bothered her.

"DAD, if Dan is my half brother
does that mean that you
are my half father?"

BLO fecit 20070126b - stories