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Ben Oostdam story # 181

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  • Grandson Parker first asking his mother, than me, for "a spare key" ; he wants to get into the garage apartment.
    "I do not have a key for the garage apartment."
    " Does not matter, Opa, don't you have a spare key for your car?"
    "Yes, but that will not fit."
    " Yes, Opa, it will: a spare key fits everywhere!"

  • Cousin Lo Deys when about 3 years old:
    "Wat is dat, Mam?" ("What is that, Mom?")
    "Een krentebrood." ("A loaf of raisin bread.")
    "Dag krentebrood!" ("Hallo loaf of raisin bread!")

  • I myself circumscribing a peppermint:
    "Het tocht in je mond!"
    ("It causes a draft in your mouth!")

  • I myself about the pumice in the bathroom:
    "Een stukkie zeep dat niet wil zepen."(A piece of soap that does not soap [foam]")

  • Son Bennie: "....maggots 'n the refrigerator..."
    Wife Mercia rapidly looking in the frig to see if anything got bad...
    "No, Mom, there are the maggots!" - pointing at the magnets holding up some message posted on the frig.

  • Both son Bennie and daughter Erika upon closer listening to their pronunciation:
    "There's the living room and the dying room." (dining room)

  • Son Bennie: "Bablaar" (guitar)

  • I myself to my mother:
    :O lieve Mama wat min ik U teer. Krijg ik nou een tukkie sjokola?"
    ("Oh Mother Dear, I love you so tenderly. Now can I get a piece of chocolat?")

  • We asked our grandson Paul if he wanted to have dinner with us at
    Bob Evans that evening.
    He first consented, but after a while, he demurred and asked
    if we could please take him home first and then go.
    "Why, Paul?"
    I asked.
    "Because I do
    not know
    Paul Evans,"

    was his response.

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