Ben Oostdam story # 340


Before going back to bed as I promised in the last sentence of
my previous story I quickly looked at my Hotmail Inbox.

I am so glad I did and am exhilaryated (not related) to copy
the following E-mail from the very top of the list:


New Dutch~EuroMillions Awards International.
Avenue De Paleise 25-33 1040.Brussels Belgium.


We are pleased to inform you of the Lottery result of
the draw held on the 29th day of December, 2007. 

Your e-mail address was attached to e-ticket
number:3427-51(4-82),with Ref Number:9135-81 in
the 2nd Category. 

To receive your won prize you are adviced to contact
our appointed claim agent for you below:

Atlas Financial Bv, Amsterdam.
Claim Agent: Mr.Boyer Ruuben.
Fax: 0031-847-304-770  ,Email:  

Accept our heartfelt congratulations on your lottery
prize winning.

Carolina Van Bagio(Lottery Co-ordinator)

N.B:All claims must be completed within 10 working
days of this notification.


By the way, if any clever hacker gets this and manages to put her cq his hands on
"my" Euromillions: remember to send me my customary 7 % within 10 working days!

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