Ben Oostdam story 685


Once again, my good friend Eddy Tumengkol
is the first to alert me...
terima kasih, Eddy!
This time it is even closer to my heart as one
who has been teaching global tectonics
since its very start in the 1960's.
My first impulse was to assuage Eddy and tell him he will not live
to have to worry, since geology moves slowly.
To my regret, the article is in Dutch...
Fine with me, but for my wider audience
I will have to look for
the translation or do it myself..
Why then put it on the WWW now?
to get it on the way and out of the way...
as journalists think as well as old-style bankers
at the very end of a very long month...
I truly wonder why we do not give this January 31 day
to Februari, which really needs it!
Especially since it is a Monday!
Sorry I do not have time right now, readers
but just have a quick glance at this link Eddy sent:


then start worrying till I get back with more news! So long...

BLO fecit 20110131 - stories


Yes, that was rather long:
back again on Feb 22 when my conscience bothered me enough
to burn the midnight oil
and come up with the
translation and Figures !!
Hope it works !!??
Good night! Goede Nacht en Welterusten! Selamat tidur!